Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law
An attorney personally serving your family

Robert Dodell

Born in Kentucky and raised in New York, Robert A. Dodell moved to Arizona while still in high school. After graduating
from a local high school, he earned Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cum Laude, from the University of Arizona. Robert
immediately entered the University of San Diego School of Law, and earned his law degree in 1985.

​Robert has represented individuals in juvenile dependency, guardianship, severance and adoption matters. Robert has
extensive experience representing parents dealing with Department of Child Safety (DCS), formerly Child Protective
Services (CPS), and the court system, as well as representing a party that wants to help a child in a bad situation.
Robert also takes great joy in representing prospective parents in adopting a child.

​Robert A. Dodell is a member of the Arizona State Bar and the Maricopa County Bar Associations. He is licensed to
practice law in the State of Arizona, the United States District Court of Arizona and the United States 9th Circuit Court
of Appeals.

Donna McManus

​Donna McManus is a legal assistant, with an emphasis on adoptions.  Adoption is very personal to Donna and has
become her life's passion.  Donna has assisted in finalizing hundreds of adoptions of all kinds, including Department of
Child Safety (DCS), formerly Child Protective Services (CPS), adoptions, grandparent adoptions, stepparent adoptions,
sibling adoptions, private adoptions, tribal adoptions and guardian adoptions.  In every instance, Donna has found a
similar passion within each new parent to give their children a better life; a life filled with love, stability and